All Types of Power Outlets

There are 15 different types of power outlets worldwide. Each type is unique. In the U.S., we use type A and B outlets, but many countries use other types.

outlet type A
Power Outlet Type A

This outlet has two flat parallel pins. It’s the standard outlet in Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

outlet type B
Power Outlet Type B

In addition to the two flat parallel pins, this outlet features a round grounding pin. It’s commonly used in areas where extra safety is required, like the U.S. and Canada.

outlet type C
Power Outlet Type C

This outlet, also known as the ‘Europlug’ outlet, features two round pins and is standard in many European countries.

outlet type D
Power Outlet Type D

This outlet is characterized by its three large round pins in a triangular configuration. It is the standard in countries like India and Nepal.

outlet type E
Power Outlet Type E

Type E has two round pins and a hole for the grounding pin, and is commonly used in France and some other European countries.

outlet type F
Power Outlet Type F

This outlet is similar to type E but has two grounding clips instead of a pin and is very common in Germany and many other European countries.

outlet type G
Power Outlet Type G

This outlet is distinguished by its three rectangular pins arranged in a triangular pattern. It is the standard in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

outlet type H
Power Outlet Type H

This outlet features three round pins in a V-shaped configuration and is the standard in Israel.

outlet type I
Power Outlet Type I

With its three pins, one vertical and two angled, this type is widely used in Australia and New Zealand.

outlet type J
Power Outlet Type J

This outlet has three pins; two round pins in line and an upper grounding pin. It is standard in Switzerland and is also used in Liechtenstein.

outlet type K
Power Outlet Type K

This outlet is characterized by its three pins; two round pins for power supply and a grounding pin below the center. It is the standard in Denmark and Greenland.

outlet type L
Power Outlet Type L

This outlet has three round pins in a line, with the middle pin used for grounding. It is mainly used in Italy and has variants with different pin diameters.

outlet type M
Power Outlet Type M

This outlet is similar to type D but has larger and more robust pins. It is widely used in South Africa and is suitable for high-power devices.

outlet type N
Power Outlet Type N

Type N features two round pins and a grounding pin, specifically designed to meet Brazilian standards. This outlet is the standard in Brazil.

outlet type O
Power Outlet Type O

This recently designed outlet features three flat pins in a triangular configuration and is the new standard in Thailand. It is considered a safer and more modern option.

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